Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin Go Splat

Even in a drunken haze, I should have known better to post about having a winning session as I managed to win Sunday morning and lose all my profit then post a nice sized loss from this weekend plus blow a fuse.

At least I'll be able to donate a little more to healthy boobs at Al's site due to a little SnG challenge we gave each other. At least its a better cause then the way I've been attempting to play poker.

I blame me, myself, and that little voice in my head that told me it was a good idea to come back to the tables and ride the hot streak versus getting badly needed sleep. Any chance for a do-over?

On a bright note... I will be down at The Local with my brother and hopefully a fellow bi-annually posting poker blogger having a Big Ginger or two before the St. Patty's parade on Nicollet. But, since this is Minnesota, how about a half foot of snow for the festivities! Might have cut my Erin Go Braughing time in favor for getting home in one piece.

Take advantage of the drunk buses if you're going out tonight.

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