Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sitting Frozen at the Plate

I don't know what's sicker. Watching my online poker account balances dwindel like a quarter pound bag of weed in an Amsterdam smoke house.

Or this curveball.

There's nothing really to say except each turn I take there's a cooler or "beat" that just pops up and I try to move on to the next hand. Last night I treaded water in the Hoy thanks to busting a short stack with Aces and a sprinkling of steals despite no other pairs. Half way thru the second hour, moved to a new table got my second pocket pair (TT), got re-popped pushed and ran into queens. I didn't even know nor cared who had it because my attitude towards the game right now is one of a husband suspecting his wife is cheating on him. Every situation has a hint of paranoia laced with a flat Natty Ice beer and finding a g-string in your wife's lingerie drawer knowing she's never worn a pair before.

Playing scared when you don't want to know the answers sucks.

A true test of a poker player is one of getting thru the lows with a bankroll and sanity intact. I lost my sanity long time ago, money is a poor substitute but at least it keeps me high in Chuck E. Cheese tokens and double penetration lesbian fisting porn.

Tonight's tilt will be induced by the Blogger Skillz series with another chance at an Omaha shot. I know the mine fields are deep and suckouts plentiful so shrink-wrapping my laptop will be a must before firing up the tourney tonight. And a better shot at a WSOP seat, for me at least, is the Bodog Blogger tourney starting up at 8:05 CST. Far from secure, but I'd hope with another win in the next 11 weeks I'll be close to locking up one of those 18 seats in the TOC.

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