Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why Kids Rule #1453

Driving down 494 towards Ridgedale mall to go see the Easter Bunny and overpay for a snap shot of the little ones with said holiday rabbit.

A sudden log jam of cars ahead caused my pimpin' fire red minivan to slow to crawl and my wife asked "Can you see what's on the side of the road up ahead?"

I told her I could not.

Wyatt, who was auditioning for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, said deadpan:

"Are you blind??? There's snow and mud on the side the road". Then promptly returned to the Batman counting game on his Leapfrog with nary a snicker on his face.

If you ever want straight advice on anything from how fat your ass looks in that dress to the best way to get laid this evening. Ask your kid.

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