Friday, March 14, 2008

Winning Is Funner Then Losing

I may be a drunk donk up at unknown hours but would like to acknowledge the fight Mr. Dank put into his heads up battle for a TOC seat tonight. Why I'm playing PLO8 on Bodog after grinding the Full Tilt games is fully the Cap'mn working.

Drunken Drizz thoughts:

Why do women claim to want sex then shy away once the opportunity arises?

If you know you're ahead do you push anyway despite holding a healthy stack?

Choice between sex on the beach and getting a blow job while driving which do you chose?

If you can figure out why I'm up at this hour please tell me because Sportcenter is sucking the fun out of these horrible online games.

When is it my turn? Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn, I'm having too much fun living again despite my daughter stripping and pissing on her bed for no reason in the middle of the night.

Am I a Fun Bobby from "Friends"? Naw, but its easier while hiding under the Cap'n. Seriously, would you drop by for a bonfire at my place and a couple of beers/drinks if no poker was played and I forced you to listen to my horrible attempts to pass on a song on Hard on Guitar Hero?

Bobby Knight is great even while not threatening college student-athletes with the blunt edge of a chair.

OMG the Gophers only won by 3 tonight? Tubby needs to man up for the Hilljackers.

Calling with trips in Omaha, not a +EV move but fits my mood at the moment.

If I have more money at a $50 table then a $100 table is that bad?

Should my wife look down at me if I like sex more then her? How do I let her know?

Run to the hillllllllllllllllllls. Run to the hillllllllllllllllllls. God bless Iron Maiden, and pity to that kid in StB's story that didn't know them.

If you're tall and tell people you suck at basketball, should they believe you? If you saw my jump shot you'd be amazed.

Is it ok to enjoy golf and sex and be utterly confuzzled about both?

Is it ok to like big butts and deny the other brothers?

Will you still love me tomorrow?

I may have pissed this guy off, but do I care?

BIG NEWS!!!!!1111: My Guitar Hero friends number is: 524100729989

If you have Wi-Fi hooked up to your Wii, prepare for shreddage MinnesOOOOOOOOOOOtan style. Ok, I suck but at least I can get away with saying UBetcha with a straight face.

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