Monday, March 10, 2008

Card Carrying Member of The Trailer Trash Coalition

For the first time in several years I can admit to worrying about having to move down in limits. Yet another weekend of black slush wiped across my screen as the tailspin towards busto doesn’t seem to have an end.

Since poker sucked all weekend and money is at an all-time low, why not go out and buy a $20,000 trailer? It seems like a level 21 move in Waffle’s Guide to a Maintaining a Poker Bankroll but the trailer is an investment that will pay off in smiles and good times versus watching yet another X number outer hit and end up getting mad at a computer screen which puts you on par with the jackhole that lays on his horn behind you in traffic because screaming through that barely yellow light on a 4-way intersection with a state trooper waiting to go across didn’t seem like a good idea.

Note to jackhole: You’d be better off tattooing “METH-ADDICTED HICK” on your forehead then displaying Calvin and Hobbs stickers pissing on NASCAR numbers and pigs doing it doggie style while dressed in Harley-Davidson gear on the back window of your F-150.

People suck.

From the fine people at Pleasureland RV who gave us a "great deal" (at least they were friendly and not pushy, offered free popcorn, passed on the Miss Trailer Trash 18 month swimsuit calendar) we got the below trailer at $6-$7K off the list price.

Drizz's new cabin digs.

Things that don't suck include the BBT3 starting back up tonight with the Hoy. Bring your token, leave your bad beats at the door because one more week of Aces getting cracked and I might just turn into one of those jaded folks that post hand histories and post about tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories that involve the Wright Brothers and the stuff that goes into the sausage patties at McDonald's.

Enjoy your Monday.

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