Monday, March 24, 2008

Squirrels on Midol

It didn't happen. Lost my last buy-in to a fun group of bloggers.

Poker is done for this week and possibly for a good length of time, except I might pop in on the Bodoggie a few times ( this week with Josh Arieh and $100 bounty on his head!) and one or two Battle of the Blogger tourneys.

A torrid stretch that has left me with online scraps that have really hurt my time at home and the office.

I'm taking the game too seriously again and resign myself to chasing purple coins on Super Mario Galaxy at the request of a four year old, or flicking off Tom Morello every time he defeats me on Guitar Hero. Or my new/old found habit of falling asleep with a R.A. Salvatore novel like last night while watching UNC destroy the Razorbacks and watching my last place bracket in Pauly's pool continue to get worse (but I do have the most possible points should some miracle occur).

This weekend we went to stake our cabin lot out for the pending delivery of the new love shack and found a woodland creature transformed herself into a 3-inch wide drill bit and bore a good sized hole into our shed. I say herself because only a woman with PMS after seeing her Chip come home with the intoxicating aroma of baby powder and Jack Daniels with glitter on his crotch, could have worked up the anger neccessary to do this.

Next time I'd hope this lady-folk could find a different outlet for her temper as the clean up and repair will take up time normally reserved for dripping rum over ice cubes and Coke while double snunking my wife in a game of cribbage.

On the bright side of the ledger, we took the kids with us to the cabin for an easter egg hunt the park was putting on at 10:30am. Unfortunately, due to road conditions better suited for mid-December we arrived at 10:40am and got the same answer as someone trying to order an Egg McMuffin after the pre-determined time of switching from breakfast to lunch. Despite having only a few more teeth then your favorite National Hockey League thug, her kindness of dropping by our place about 15 minutes later with a Cub's Food marked bag full of plastic eggs that rattled with coins and chocolates put some faith back into me.

Thanks for dropping by, now hit up the Hoy tonight as the last week to get that first $2,000 seat to the WSOP is up for grabs.

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