Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drifting on the Calm Sea

Day 272 -

The coconuts, while good when I first got here, now have become an annoying regularity. Much like those frozen Chicken Kievs my mom used to buy in bulk which would turn me ill from the mere mention of the word now. I have befriended a softball that washed ashore and named him Mizuno because I always wanted an Asian friend. He is kind and listens as I ramble on about how I miss my kids and wife and all the free cheerleader up-skirt porn.

My pale skin is slowly getting used to the blistering heat but still shows the damage that extreme whiteness against harsh UV rays with the lack of SPF 120 can do. Will I ever find out what is down the hatch, I do not know. I hear people chanting in the deep jungle at night, yet they do not bother me. Probably because they hear me chanting bad beat stories in my sleep.

It is with great hope that the Professor and the Skipper will be able to return us home soon using giant conch shells and bat guano. My lust of bending over Mrs. Howell on a bed of moss grows by the day as I try to remain faithful to my wife of nearly eight years. And I'll drop my journal entry here as my return to civilization depends on realizing if there's an island at all, and how I willingly came here myself through my own mind after a mental breakdown caused by the evil RNG at Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Perhaps tonight I will cast the makeshift raft and sail back to reality, with dreams of a WSOP seat or enjoy yet another good night's sleep from not having to worry if I played those Jacks correctly near the bubble of the Blogger Skillz Series game or Bodoggie.


And if you're late to the party, go check out Al's site for yet another shot at a $2K seat just for bloggers!

EDIT: If you've recently received email from Full Tilt's security people, make sure you read Poker Gnome recent post about a scam that is going on.

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