Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Scott Fischman Gambit

I’m a proponent of the “its your money, do what your want” with it. Wanna buy some drugs, have at it and enjoy the trip. Going to purchase a Jenna Jameson three holed, life like sex doll complete with special ass grease for those tight spots, rock her world with those 3.5 inches. Enter a poker tournament and don’t take it seriously, its only money and glad you had your entertainment.

Last night I got bumped from both the Mookie and Dookie by people who had no regards for the entry fee or the outcome. Seeing the ways my cards have been shot down with the consistency of someone playing Duck Hunt with the gun against the TV screen complete with that damn beagle dog laughing at you, it might have been the beginning of the end of trying to play these tourneys. But I’ve looked beyond “why the fuck didn’t I win” and more towards “I made the correct play, it didn’t work out”. If you ever want to take this game seriously you need to get there and not even allow yourself to wing your Full Tilt store bought headphones across the porch because someone though it was funny to play any two/four cards.

I still have a problem with a bad initial reaction, but I was able to finish up a slightly profitable night by not tilting off money at the cash games after reattaching the ears to the base of the headphones. Of course if my favorites would have come in, as my side of the coin was weighted in my favor, this post would be an afterthought and those players could go back to their regular games.

The BBT3 is offering too much to ignore, so onward I trudge through the next 40+ events looking for a shot at the Rio and WSOP again this summer.

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