Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tagged at 10,000 Feet

Since I do not wish to invoke the wraith of a certain A-lister, no poker talk other then the two blogger tourneys last night went as expected.

I’ve been meme’d, tagged, branded, and dragged across a box of broken Coke bottles and hot coals to write about 7 random facts about myself from he-who-climbs-tall-things. I used to climb tall things as well, but that was in college and I’m sure she smelt better then a crew of mountain climbers at 10,000 feet.

Ok, seven facts about me:

1) My wedding party consisted of four out of the six women I’ve seen in various stages of undress and not in the passing-by-a-dressing-room type way either. My sister is not included in the three (that were not wearing the white wedding gown) you pervert, and I remain friends with all of them, even my wife!

2) I once got so drunk in Vegas at the Imperial Palace I end up in a wheelcha… oh wait you’ve heard that one. One night while in Myrtle Beach, SC I took aim at a boxing video game in the boardwalk arcade, and knocked it so hard I set a record and won some stuffled animal (not bad for a 120 pound waif like me). Unknowingly, I fractured my hand which meant sitting out the remainder of the baseball season as the #1 starting pitcher and batting 3rd for my state tourney bound Senior Babe Ruth team. Since my father was none too happy he wouldn’t let me get it set in a cast for two weeks, in which I attended a Stone Temple Pilots/Flaming Lips outdoor concert complete with mosh pit (that hurt). It tickled a little bit when the doctor had to “reset” it (rebreaking it in two places) because it was trying to heal by the time I was allowed to go in.

3) While going to Edgefest, a concert series put on by a Minnesota radio station, across the border in Wisconsin for reasons unknown to the author as I don't claim to be an expert on all things musical. I mistook a bend of the highway the wrong way on the backward-ass backroads of Wisconsin (no, I was not drinking at the time) and sent my pimpin' white Mazda 626DX Dukes of Hazard style over a hill complete with that VAAROOOOOOM noise (yes, a car does make that noise when jumping its not a soundtrack) narrowly missing large metal stakes and flying Coke cans and speaker covers from the trunk that would totaled the car and people inside. I did receive a standing ovation from four cars whom went down the side of the hill “the correct way” and when we got to Float-Rite park I promptly downed enough gin and juice to pass out on the roof top since the line didn’t allow us into the park that night and met up my future wife the next morning.

4) I am ambidextrous. Ya hear that ladies? Get your peppermint lotion bottles lined up.

5) Being geekish, while in high school and middle school, I won awards at Accounting and Math competitions. But, if you were to ask me to find “X” in some long ass equation, I’d probably blink then give you the same thousand mile stare you got back from that impossibly hot Jennifer Aniston look-a-like trying to ask her to the prom (who’s naked sitting cross-legged picture fashioned my wall for years*).

6) Between my three siblings we have received three speeding tickets in our life. All three of them have been while bringing my mother on a casino trip. Running good, runs in the family.

7) I once went on a 48-hour casino bender (three dollah blackjack and quarter bets on plastic race horses is ballin! HOLLA!) it went so long that I had to go straight from the casino to college to take a Business Ethics final exam that made up half of my grade. Failing would have taken away my college funding. I got a B+ despite studying in the car, while driving on snow-slicked roads. Maybe I do run good!

I'll stop it here. But if those with far more exciting lives wish to contribute please do so.

* Anyone with awesome Google-skillz find the picture??

Edit: Mookie wins at the internets again. Although Otis found one I didn't know existed and will have to explore further at home.

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