Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Easy come, easy go

I got a lesson in variance again last night as nothing seemed to go right... except at the blogger table. A full table again of the finest degenerate online poker writers anywhere. Hammers flying, quips penned, and small penis jokes for comedic relief. The funny thing is that the blogger table is the only place I won last night. Two stacks gone at a $25 NLHE table when KK goes down to AJ pre-flop (who re-raises all-in with AJ? A new person on my buddy list of course!), I made a bad play on a flopped two-pair running into a flopped straight, AJs vs. J9o (called a 6XBB raise of course) flopped two pair to my TPTK, and to top off that table KQ vs. A8 got re-raised all-in on a A - K - Q rainbow flop. I didn't fear any that could beat me so I pushed, sure enough an A comes on the turn and its time for bed. Even the bad beat jackpot table killed me, some tilt, some horrible calls when I knew I'd gotten outdrawn, and some premium hands cracked (KK three times, JJ twice, AKs twice). Self-control after a bad beat is something I need to work on.

At the blogger table was fun, if it wasn't for Iggy and Otis constantly trying to loosen up the table (to their advantage of course) I would have probably resorted to throwing the cat or something. I even dropped the hammer last night on AlCanFold (my guess was the lack of SoCo, luckily I caught him early in the night). There was two hands that I remember... flopping a set from PRESTO and losing to a flopped set of Aces, sigh. And Iggy showed me the power of the big stack when I turned top two but a third straight card came on the river and he shoved me off my hand (email me if you flopped the straight Iggy, I'd like to know if I was right).

- Going shopping

Before the disastrous night of poker we were forced to go out and kill time due to another showing of our house, which is still not sold :( First stop was Best Buy to pick up Anchorman and Old School (a nice $25 for both special) with Wil Ferrell (sp?). I like Best Buy, I like drooling at the 120 foot LCD screens with football highlights, but... since an impatient wife and antsy toddler waited for me in the car there would be no oogling tonight. So, I get up to the line to wait for the next cashier when this trailer trash reject with two daughters cut in line front of me (foreshadow to a bad night of poker?). I sighed as usual and brushed it off as I really didn't care (but yet felt the need to write about it). They were all listening to MP3 players in the store and were talking loudly over them as they grazed the racks before the register before leaving the line to go do more shopping. Finally after a couple of minutes I get to the front of the line and a rather pleasant Andrea waved me over to make my purchase... until the women and her daughters zoom right into Andrea's awaiting arms (she shruged at least). Sigh. No fear since another associate was ready not a few seconds after that. Next... my only pet peeve about Best Buy is the magazine thing, the associates offer you fabulous discounts on magazines that you did not come to the store to get. Can I opt out of this? Because its freakin annoying to hear the droll speech about the magazines everytime you check out. With my purchase in tow I head to the front door and lo and behold trailer trash and her urial stained teeth set off the alarm. This made me snicker but... the security people don't even blink and she walks right out! Eh? I guess a couple of CDs or DVD wasn't worth the hassle of asking her about her purchases.

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rolee said...

Thanks for the comment.

I know exactly what you mean by easy come easy go. You grind away only to get sucked out on. Lately I find a winning session occurs when I can a big suckout. Look forward to seeing you on the tables soon. I think I've played with you before but I didn't realize it was you. I'll give you a shout out next time.