Monday, November 27, 2006

Apathy Is Spelled V-I-K-I-N-G-S

Everyone enjoying their turkey sandwiches for lunch today?

Twice on Thursday I finally fell into a spot on the floor where fluffy dreams started and abruptly came to a halt when Wyatt decided it was time for a hog pile. At least in hockey you’d get a few seconds before someone would cave in your midsection with the butt end of a stick. Three houses, two and a half meals served and demolished with extra gravy. A tradition came to a close as we didn’t visit my favorite aunt’s place with relatives that I barely see or know, but yet we could sit in content while the fireplace surrounded the Lions or Cowboys game with a warm, flannel blanket of heat to match the touch of cold in her basement. Not to mention some of the best mashed po-ta-toes in the state.

Despite the gluttony of several very large meals this weekend, I did manage to play a little poker on the intertubes with various successes. A win at the 2nd chance Mookie tourney was a surprise as I haven’t won a tourney in quite some time, yes I realize it was only ~20 people but a win is a win. I managed to hold onto the extra funds for exactly 15 minutes as I got happy feet while sitting in my usual PLO8 games and decided to push someone off their two pair/set on a draw heavy board despite the protest signs shouting “HELL NO WE WON’T GO!”. Sometimes it works, sometimes you end up looking like Jessica Simpson trying to figure out how to make frozen orange juice.

But it does allow you to get paid off on those big hands later on if the “experts” are watching. PLO8 is not a game of extreme skill; it’s a lesson on pot size management and having the gamble in you to push with big draws for maximum pay off. If you do bluff, make sure you’re in a game with a table full of nits (I’m sometimes guilty) that will fold two pair/set/lesser flush and understand the Omaha “draw to the nuts” mentality. But twice this weekend a piece of turkey and gravy got stuck in between the synapses that tell my brain to click on the “check” or “fold” buttons as I ran bluffs that went bad before I made the executive decision to “outplay” someone. Realistically, you don’t need to outplay people in this game, just bet when you have it, fold when you don’t and you’ll make a small profit from the game and clear any bonuses rather quickly that you may be working off. The skill part is knowing when your non-nut hand is good, and when your K-high flush or lesser full house is trash. But, if you’re just starting out playing this four card game, tight is right. Its not easy to toss these “monster” hands away or not try to bet them for value, but unlike Hold Em’ most of the time you’ll get shown the nuts if you call an oversized bet on the river.

Calling off chips is a big leak in my game that I’ve been trying to plug for a long time, the curiosity to see the villain’s hand or to validate my super elite world class ESP fantabulous card reading skillz I’ll call with a lesser hand sometimes (ed note: I do not have super elite world class ESP fantabulous card reading skillz, and even if I do correctly guess my opponents superior hand I’ll throw pot odds out the window to chase, somewhere Maigrey is itching to boot me from IRC chat again because of this).

Ok that’s enough poker for a bit, let’s talk Vikings Football.

They won.

Apathy set in for this fan two weeks ago while the mighty Vikes decided to belly flop through their “easy” part of the schedule. There’s no excuse with the talent they’ve acquired to not be a top tier team in the NFC (which is looking vastly inferior to the AFC). Even if the Run Taylor Left team does manage a couple of more victories and drunkenly stumbles into a playoff spot, I’ll watch, but I’ll be playing four tables of PLO8 or setting up Wyatt’s Thomas the Tank Engine board game while Childress is deciding on which side of the left hash marks Taylor should run on first and second down.

Even while tipping back overpriced beers at Dave and Buster’s yesterday, I paid more attention to my new wide receiver on my fantasy football team playing on a different screen then the “ohmygodpleasedontchoke” 31-26 victory over the Cardinals. A side note about Dave and Buster’s… fun but goddamn its expensive! While I hate that my childhood dirt bike path is now one big mechanized suburban monstrosity, its fun to give money to the bartenders with corporate regulated smiles and uniforms once in a while.

However, next time I’m hitting up a local bar with $2 taps, $1 wings, and waitresses that don’t wear spandex with a bun in the oven. I could almost hear the unborn kid shouting “HEY I DIDN’T MAKE HER WEAR THIS!”.

Thanks for dropping by, now there’s a very cool update by the lovely April about the WPBT Event in Vegas. Go now.

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