Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hat, Ring, Bandwagon

The following is a paid advertisement.

Bacon is very hot when removing the strips of fatty goodness from the frying pan.

The equally hot topic going around our poker community on Ted Stevens’ intertubes is a new phenomenon that these engines of daily rants about being cut off by a chick on the Nicole Ritchie diet driving a cherry red Mazda Miata while gabbing on the phone to her friends about how she managed to get thru the day without updating her MySpace page can be profitable. Amazing how a couple years of rambling on about tips on feeding your baby, (projectile “garden vegetables” from Gerber doesn’t clean very well on a laptop screen), trip reports from the bathroom stall of The Boathouse, and bad poker advice could turn into a nice side income to keep the Captain Morgan flowing.

There’s a test of blogger meddle, to see if the people who stumble upon your daily/weekly musings hear the same voice that could be heard as you argue with your wife over the girls night out at the Scrap and Spa which suddenly quashed the regularly scheduled program of a home poker game with the guys. Are you a perfect, little snowflake? No, but to be a snowflake is much more important as people don’t want to read the same inane hand histories about how you lost $XX.XX because someone who didn’t read Miller, Sklanksy, and Jones didn’t fold “properly”.

As a reminder kittens are thrown into a microwave each time you rehash a bad beat story.

There are far more talented writers and wordsmiths jumping into the ReviewMe pool and rightfully so. The site offers all of us rouges of the electronic airwaves to join in their site and maybe carve out a few bucks for introducing some products in a tongue that your won’t find in the Sunday paper or on QVC.

Signing up was painless to say the least. By simply entering your name, home address, and blog address; ReviewMe instantly calculates how much your will be paid per review (including this one to review the site itself) by your Technorati, Alexa, and other page rankings. The FAQs section of the website gives subtle reminders not to hand out verbal hand jobs while offering your opinions on the customer’s products but rather to offer a neutral taste testers view of their wares.

The easy to use links help the most skittish blogger get over the techo-rabble that can come with linking up a new advertiser (can anyone help me with an “RSS feed”?).

Stop laughing.

If you’re looking for a little extra out of your blog, and don’t mind free stuff being thrown at your feet (time will tell if a relatively obscure blogger like myself will receive offers) give ReviewMe a whirl. The site offers two payment options of receiving a check or EBay-friendly Paypal (great for spending $34.97 on those “rare” Cars the movie collectables).

Thanks for dropping by, now check out ReviewMe and see if your blog is accepted. As a warning they do not accept all blogs as you need a certain “ranking” to receive the initial offer to review their site.

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