Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hmmmmm Fresh Muffins

I lost a stack and a half playing last night, but gained a free banana chocolate chip muffin (with chocolate drizzled frosting on top) this morning.

Karma? Or a sign that you shouldn't stack off in Omaha with a lesser full house while watching High Stakes Poker reruns and playing some stupid Scary Movie 4 game where you zap the clothes of the chicks?

Since I'm pretty blah this morning no crackling, stupid metaphorific sayings about my poker play or suburbia-hood, just a congrats going out to a fellow blogger and owner of the best-hairdo-after-drinking-all-night award (anyone have a picture of it?) from the 2005 WPBT event at the Plaza who proved that despite being able to play 47o from under-the-gun like a pro, you can't bluff biology.

Enjoy the new boobs :)

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