Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trying To Be Part of the "In" Crowd

I saw Iak and Hoy claiming seats to the FTOPS at Full Tilt and decided at the last minute to throw a hardly earned token into the fray while I played a couple of blogger tourneys.

I made a quick final table appearance at CC's PokerWorks Thursday bash. Senor card rack took out my knee with those damn Hiltons. Pure artistry in motion he is, definitely turn the volume up on your hearing aids if he loans you a few pointers.

The Riverchasers tourney looked like a glitch at first, when I was seated with only one other individual. But alas, I managed to win two heads-up matches before getting ran over and falling 16th out of 90.

My stack meager. The tourney info board stated I was 23rd out of 23.

Then I hit a flush draw.

I bluff trips.

The car purrrrrred.

The seat bubble

Reverend Al blessed the table, and got the fuckin sand out of my vagina just in time.

Of course I celebrate by dropping my Leffe on my laptop. I rule.

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