Friday, November 03, 2006

Quads Good, Slots Bad

Bankroll Tip #423:

Having Kings hold up in a 5 way capped pot is good. Blowing your winnings on penny slots because your ride didn't want to go home is bad.

I found live poker to be extremely rigged, in four hours I saw quads hit twice (once by yours truly with my favorite hand) and a flopped straight flush. Since Canterbury only allows $1 chips at the $3/$6 game, my $150+ pot with Kings managed to cover half the table in chips.

Can't wait for the next chance to play live in Vegas :)

Have a good weekend folks!

This is how all Omaha HUs SnGs should go:

Welcome to Pine Valley, Drizztdj
This tournament has started.
High card gets the button
Drizztdj gets the button with the Ace of Diamonds
Tournament level 1. Blinds $5.00/$10.00
10 hands left to the next level

Starting hand #426673235
GreenBagz shows a Flush
Drizztdj shows a Full House, Kings full of Threes
GreenBagz shows a Flush

Hand 426673235:
Drizztdj wins main pot($2,000.00)
GreenBagz finished in 2nd place
Drizztdj finished in 1st place and won $10.00
Drizztdj finished in 1st place and won $10.00
This tournament has ended.

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