Monday, November 06, 2006

It's a Mad Mad Mad World

Troy Williamson.

May I have a word with you for a moment?

Thank you.

Imitating Featherstone from Necessary Roughness is not a way to earn street cred in the NFL. Try not to get too many splinters on the bench. I'd start saving your paychecks until you decide to figure how to carve those ham hands into a size to catch a NFL pigskin.

The Vikes weren't the only ones effected by this full moon bizzaro NFL weekend.

Bears looked mortal AT HOME. Losing the game wasn't the worst part, Urlacher going down is.

Lions actually looked like a football team, and "Fire Millen" supporters will need to wait till next week for a rally cry.

Tom Brady decided it was a better idea to throw to the other team.

The Packers lost. Actually that's not that unbelievable and made me smile a little despite my horrible golf outing pre-game.

Cleveland covered despite the conspircy to beat the spread by going for two with three minutes left and a twelve point lead. Mr. Frye my wallet thanks you, maybe I'll buy you an ice cream cone at McDonald's if you're ever in the area. Sprinkles added if you bring a cheerleader.

VanderChoke needs to go back on the bottle, or maybe grab some pills from T.O.

And to keep with the full moon scene, I won a little playing poker again this weekend (note to variance gods, hold off on the spankings until after Vegas in 31 days).

Thanks for dropping by, now did anyone go see Borat this weekend? I'd like a review before viewing most glorious movie from Kazakhstan.

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