Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Do You Win By Losing?

Sleep has been a mild, infrequent luxury lately as the days to Vegas creep up on us. I foresee yet another blogger adventure with tales of taking down pros playing a stand up version of three card monty, blogger falls, and maybe a ride with Ricky the Oversexed Cab Driver.

I know by now most of us have met each other and if you feel like running in the opposite direction after I shout “BOOOOOOOOM HEADSHOT” at a no limit table, I don’t blame you (I’ll be reserving this celebration for some WPT-sunglasses wearing kid who read a poker book). Seriously, if you’re meeting up for the first time make sure you meet the people you want and some that you’ve never read. And prepare to write a trip report containing the phrase “I hate that I didn’t get to spend more time with ______”. It’s near impossible to hang with everyone for a block of significant time so find that blogger table of Pai Gow/Roulette, hang at the bar behind the MGM poker room, and definitely join the crowd for Storming the Cast…. oh wait the Excal sucks more cock then those women on the informational pamphets you’ll be handed by professional customer service representatives on the streets of the Strip.

We’ll find somewhere else to make fun of the locals.

I will not be around much since the wife is joining me on this trip, and we’re taking a much needed vacation from parenthood and responsibilities. Of course, I’ll be at the MGM on my birthday to buy out half the $1 chips at the poker room and may be coaxed into an alcoholic beverage or twelve.

The wife is a wild card depending on the Social Defcon level of Shy Wallflower to Paris Hilton, she may join us that evening and agreed to play Pai Gow (the only table game she’s played) or maybe even some sling some late-night dice at Casino Royale. She’s not the most comfortable person around new people, but since she’s seen/met a couple bloggers, the shyness ice may melt enough for her to have a good time. Unlike the last trip to Vegas she’s not pregnant this time, which made drinking around her kind of a killjoy and she’ll be able to enjoy the free drinks while playing the penny slots. And this time if you see me playing penny slots at 4am DRAG ME TO A TABLE GAME. Don’t encourage me to continue playing until I get the bonus round or Mr. Cashman.

Also, I’ll be rooting on “Too Drunk to Call” or “Mr. Otis” on Sunday morning/afternoon before our flight home at Mandalay Bay while sheepishly donning my Vikes jersey.

If there’s a tourney we’re hosting or crashing, you’ll find me and 2 hours of sleep shouting about how I finally won a coin flip and thanking a gracious Al for another shot of SoCo. Don’t forget to list bust-out prizes on your blog or even put a bounty on your favorite blogger. I’m still staring at the abomination of a calendar from busting Rini at the previous Winter Classic. Phil Hellmuth’s Poker Tip of Day: “Great Things Always Happen To Me” (perhaps expect support).

Tony Robbins should find a new career after poetic gems like that.

Time to plan folks, 15 days till touchdown, and remember Vegas is a town built on money so the scammers are out there, while security is tight don’t expect the Secret Service to protect your purse.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven’t met/seen me before above is a pic that Otis took of me attempting to be serious at a poker table. And if you "bad beat" me at the tables... expect the below one finger salute. Note the use of invisible internet sarcasm.

I just noticed this shocking upset over over-hyped Derek Jeter... Congrats to Justin Morneau for taking down the AL MVP award! A win for small-market teams mayhaps?

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