Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blue Moon A-Rising

A small recap of last night:

Voted for Pawlenty due his views, voted Democrat for the rest

The orange chicken with fried rice was passable

Doyle Brunson will take the 25th District Judge seat in Minnesota, toke me later Dolly

One former NFL player won...

... One did not

I won a token at Full Tilt

Even at 5:00pm I had to wait in line to vote, god bless America for coming out to do so. I haven't seen the percent of voters count yet, but I'd be willing to bet on it being higher then recent elections.

Cheeseheads hate gays, but love a good execution

I lost with KK, QQ, and 99 in consecutive hands (all favored) to go from big stack to out in a tourney. Rigged!

A sign that America's democracy isn't dead just yet

Otis tips back the Dom, calls for G-Vegas regulars to take a limo ride (I'll raise a Mott's Apple Juice drink box towards South Cackalacky since I can't afford the bubbly, and hope that Lil' Otis gets over his sniffles soon)

Thanks for dropping, now even if you're a die-hard Republican you have to like what happened last night. America spoke through their votes. Whether the change is good or bad, will be determined in the upcoming months/years.

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