Monday, November 13, 2006

Purple Haze

I’m just not motivated to write today, my apologies to Jimi.

And I slept funny on my neck causing a special pain on par with a six hour case of blue balls.

But, didn’t you win some cash this weekend you may ask?

Yeah, but Brad Childress decided to ruin my post-sex afterglow by losing to the Packers in a slow Jigsaw created Saw-type death. Will he cut off his foot for a workable passing game? If given another 30 seconds will the pass rushers actually touch the quarterback, or do the offensive linemen from the land of Cheese and wonderful beer soaked Brats have to roll over laughing at the pathetic Vikings pass rush?

Steve - $10 coming your way on Full Tilt, or just wait till December and I’ll throw the money down on the ‘Boys for ya at Mandalay Bay.

This was supposed to be the second game of a four stretch that the mighty Purple People Eaters could waltz through on their way to a wild card game (the hibernating Bears woke up from their Dolphins fiasco). But no, they decide to punctuate their offensive ineptitude by slogging thru yet other game versus a horrible defense.

The sunshine isn’t gone totally as the poker roller coaster is climbing up a bit after my many attempts to break the limit O8 code have been thwarted. It’s sad that when I start a session, I blink and I’m down 5-6 BBs without even realizing that I played a hand. The cost of the education is hurting any profits that I do manage to squeak by with but the play of the average limit O8 villain make the games as tempting as clicking a pop up box for free midget porn.

According to my math-e-ma-ticks we have 24 days till we invade the land of five a.m. cocktails while staring at 85o. Go give April some lovin for getting our group of “special” persons together, I’m excited already to see ya’ll again.

Thanks for dropping by, now for some pimpin and congrats.

Pauly is currently invading the land of legal hash and hos but that doesn’t stop this issue of Truckin from hitting the virtual newsstands. Go get your copy now!

On the note of his site getting hacked by an Absolute Poker affiliate, please read his latest post, and hope that Absolute decides to clear this up without having to swap spit. I'll be throwing my two cents at them this afternoon if its not cleared up by then.

Big props to Speaker on yet another deep finish for a blogger in the FTOPS series at Full Tilt. He managed to outlast over 2,900 players of lesser intelligence and movie-star looks to go out to a pre-flop push monkey and score three times the buy-in.

Amazed as always sir.

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