Thursday, November 16, 2006

Britney Spears Sex Video Not Found Here

I've seen The Bourne Supremacy too many times to count, so why do I keep watching it when I'm flicking through channels and can't muster the strength to change it? Anyone else have a soft spot for a movie that they develop a molasses remote finger to?

Much like the fact that I watched my chips slowly being drained while trying out the new Triple Draw tables at PokerStars last night, but couldn't get myself to click that big red X in the upper right hand corner. It was fun to draw one to a wheel several times and get the same card back or pair up with each draw, very different game that I'll need to brush up on before the bloggers invade Vegas.

In honor of Iggy's recent steps towards the cryogenic chambers to be restored with Austin Powers and Mike Meyer's career at a later date. I shall pimp the blogger tourney going on tonight.
Join the bloggers and whomever else stumbles into this vast pit of highly intelligent and highly intoxicated scribes as they prove that you don't need to have the ability to sit on a bar stool or go down stairs on your feet to play poker. But having the ability to piece together words of the English language like he does is priceless...
... but I wouldn't hesitate for one second to check-raise his dirty Grey Goose-tini sipping ass off his top pair with air. :)
Bring your peep sex tokens to Full Tilt tonight for some bad jokes, bad poker, and maybe see yourself on get berated the next day by screenshots, flames, and if you're lucky a tuff_fish type video by Waffles.

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