Saturday, November 11, 2006

FTOPS Event #1 at Full Tilt

Starting music: "For Those About to Rock" AC/DC

Let's get it on.

- Half way thru the first break, made a play at a pot, lost but at least I didn't call off my chips with 8 high. It should be a crime to let people burn off chips without giving them to me.

- Tony Bennett pops into the iPod, a sign I'm playing too tight? Not drinking enough?

- Break #1, I'm siting on 49 whole chips more then a started with! Bust out the Cristal and bacon wrapped weenies for celebration

Break music: "Ice Ice Baby- Remix" Notorious BIG

- Big hand: AA78 flop T87, get called down after pre-flop raise and pot bet on the flop by trash that hits a straight on the river. Down to T1700

- Big hand: AA45 flopped A5K: Luckily KK67 pushes out a broadway making trailer. Back to solvent T5200

- Rafe Furst joins the table, should I play the Omahammer?

- Never mind Rafe decides Queens are good enough to push, he's gone I'm still lingering around T4300 at the second break

- Avril is on telling me "I Always Get What I Want", meaning I'm due for another double up, a nice Cap'n Coke, and only a slight rejection in bed tonight

- Big Hand: 2456 I pop it for a raise and catch a dream flop of A23, double to T7000 a little below par at this point. Twisted Sister tells me "I Wanna Rock" and I do

- Big Hand: From the land of golf and Haggis, Div lends some luck as my AAKJ nails a flush and I double up to par with 168 left, 99 cash

- Rock your bermuda shorts off... Britney Fox with "Girl School" keeps it sexy, a little below par now at T10000 and 27 to go to the money, five minute to the break

- File under "Stupid Thing You Shouldn't Have Done" tried for a steal, got caught, down to T7000 now 17 to the money with blinds at an oppressive 500/1000. Light a candle for me.

- Pussy poker alert, not liking having to "worry" about the cash. Hate having to give up semi-decent hands and play for the cash (which I really could use) 9 more to the cashola

- My legs are spread wide, its bubble time, god I hate pussy poker

- Winner winner chicken dinner!! Bubble busted and won a hand!! T8300

- Decisions decisions, LaTech +37.5 or some more Omaha? 87 left but now the chip leader has his ass parked right next to me

- Shout out to Pauly, Daddy, On THG, and Moooooooooookie dropping by. I'm almost in tears, I don't have a lot of good things happen to me, when they do I cheerish it. Thanks to all. 79 left, I'm scrapping the bottom.

- Nothing to push with sadly, but we're down to 66 now and AlCanPlayOmaha joins up

- Gone in 59th, doubled the entry fee which cost me a whole $6.70, dial-a-shot done with Al and BigMike thanks a bunch guys!!!!

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