Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stitched Gash

Gary, Trip, and Jordan,

I'm 101% sure it wasn't the joke that it was meant.

I enjoyed all the DADI throughly and thank you guys for putting them together with the added hard work for acquiring sponsors and added goodies (one of which is going to pay for a christmas gift).

I am not "upset" nor do I blame anyone for my finish on the switch (I played badly as well by not adjusting). But it did cause me to make a couple of decisions differently which is the part that irked me.

Much like slb159 wrote in his blog "Drizz was at my table during the Stud8 event but I wasn't worried since this wasn't Omaha". I agree. Since I don't play Stud8 and only know basic strategy someone could easily exploit it.

But you guys already got this point, no sense in dragging this on or any need for more non-homosexual man-hugs over the intertubes.

Mistake corrected, lets get ready to tear apart Vegas :)

19 days.

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