Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Show Off Your "I Voted" Sticker!

Today is the big day kids. It’s time to take your Frist-fucking anger to the polls. Show the incumbents that their days of a cushy passing of morally right bills and pork projects are numbered.

One party nor the President should shoulder the blame of an abused system, should we believe that sticking a bunch of Democrats, regardless of their platform be the answer?

No (and I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican).

Make sure you are making an informed decision today before confusing the vote counters in Florida. Go a little beyond those annoying political TV ads that interrupted your “Sex and the City” marathon. Read their websites and vote on the person you feel will make a change.

People who read here probably enjoy playing poker and are outraged by the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) passage. Remember that the House passed such measures without the stuffing the law into the 400 pound gorilla known as the Port Security bill. While ignoring international organizations such as the WTO, Frist and his cronies went over the heads of several countries and American citizens to pass a law that catered to the “morally right” claiming “gambling is bad”.

Well, selected gambling of course.

If wanted to blow my live savings chasing the Breeder’s Cup Pick 6 last weekend on TVG.com or Youbet.com, that was certainly ok. If I wanted to wallpaper my house with losing scratch off and Powerball tickets purchased from the internet, that was certainly ok. In the next few months, up to the 270 days waiting period, we’re going to hear from a gaming company like Harrah’s or MGM Mirage on how they’re working with the government to produce online poker (and possibly casino) sites to be regulated. In fact the rumors are already swirling out there (props to the PokerProf).

Cooler heads would have taken a step back, and looked at ways to regulate the industry instead of the defiant “WE ARE THE USA, WE WILL DO WHAT WE WANT” snub towards those countries that already regulate (and reap rewards from) online poker and casinos. Granted they did not ban the actual game play, just the lifeline to the game play. Poker is played for money, plain and simple. From those mixed card games like guts, maverick, 7-27, Chicago, Follow the Bitch with your buddies on your poker night; to the nickel stud games you played growing up (my great-grandmother would have lowered a shotgun at your head if you dared to leave the table without paying her the fifteen cents you lost). Simply stated there is no poker without money, and with the passage of the UIGEA they will attempt to kill this hobby/job/pastime that we share.

That’s why it is important to vote today. Do not put up with this type of governing body that passes bills that does not consider the consequences nationally and internationally. Vote for a Senator or Representative that will listen to all of the groups, not just the ones who gave the most money or the groups that are “morally right”.

Thanks for dropping by, now please take this “should you vote or not” quiz and make me feel stupid by getting a perfect score versus my 94.52%.

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