Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cardschat.com Review

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While sitting down at a virtual or real poker table your first thoughts are on the cards sitting in front of you. Pocket aces before the flop in Hold Em’ are like perfect children that don’t talk back, eat their veggies when they are told to, and manage to not raise your blood pressure after a long day at work. The flop comes out rags and you bet on those honor students knowing they are smarter then the scruffy looking trucker in the five seat. He calls your bet on the turn with the tenacity of a bulldog, refusing defeat despite his inferior holdings. The river puts a possible flush on the board and suddenly the road jockey decides to push all of his chips into the middle.

What do you do?

That’s why a place like Cardschat.com has been built. The online poker information center is a great place to start your poker education. With easy to use tabs and hyperlinks to several different branches of the online game and deciphering its jargon, Cardschat.com can help launch your break-even play into a potentially profitable one.

Cardschat Forums are a place for its members to vent bad beats, offer advice, and discuss troubling hands from their past sessions. Also, the Cardschat community offers freerolls and private tournaments to its members. I can’t tell your how playing in the WPBT blogger games has advanced my play, especially when you play against the same people and develop reads to play beyond ABC poker. Also, you can meet some mentors that can help advance your game in ways that a book could never do. I wouldn’t be writing or profiting from poker if it wasn’t for the people I’ve met thru this blog. If you’re not into writing, drafting a post is a great way to meet some like-minded people without having to stumble thru bad metaphors like myself each day.

Speaking of blogs, Cardschat has its own. Fredrik Paulsson and ChuckTs keep up an informative blog about their recent play and their interests away from the felt.

For the advanced player Cardschat may not have the meaty substance of a forum such as 2+2, but for the beginning online player, their site has many gems to get your bankroll off the ground. They review several online sites and offer deposit bonus codes to help give the extra buffer for those break-even players to have less of a chance of going broke if they follow their guide to online poker.

So, if you’re a beginner to online poker or have been chasing your tail and breaking even, Cardschat.com can help give you a boost in your game and maybe help you acquire a few internet friends along the way.

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