Monday, November 20, 2006

Flag Football

More Playstation 3 madness. Of course his drivel sounds better then the highest listed price on EBay this morning at a paltry $22 million.

I wish I could say poker was going well, but calling off chips yesterday that had no business sliding into the middle caused a winning session to go south in a hurry. I need help with that.

Kind of like my favorite football team sliding into 1st place!!!

Yes, yesterday the Minnesota Vikings professional football squad defeated their third opponent of the four part "easy" section of their schedule as predicted several weeks ago. As the 49ers and Packers in previous weeks yesterday's opponent, Jumpin' Joey and the Dolphins defense, got crushered by the Purple People Eaters' swarming pass rush and relentless calling of Chester Taylor run left.

Oh wait, I just re-checked and it seems that in the mist of counting to 15 Mississippi's before rushing the quarterback, the Vikes lost?!!?!?!?

Anyone know if the Minnesota Pike are going to make a comeback? Go Wild??? Actually, the Golden Gopher hockey team is plenty good to watch winning or losing because you can't predict the exact order of plays nor the outcome before the game even starts. Time to let the rookie come in coach, this season is hanging on by the edge of fading 21 outs with two cards to come, lets see what the kid can do. At least Taylor could take a few plays off from getting beaten to a pulp for those three yards a carry.

Thanks for dropping by, now I have some cake leftover from Kyra's baptism yesterday if anyone's hungry, drop by for a slice.

As for the blogfather.... Phoenix indeed. Yes, you are the one to blame for two years of misguided metaphors, blogging about diaper blowouts, and a few paid for trips to Vegas ;)

Thank you sir, hopefully I'll find you on top of a stack of phone books at a Vegas bar in three weeks.

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