Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Raindrops Falling On My Head

But what happens if a Canuck puts a brick in there... I think the cold weather has something to do with our neighbors to the north coming up with competitive pillowfighting. Any chance for a Keeley Hazell vs. Ashton fight?

Loser has to make a sex video with their ex-boyfriend. Oh, guess it already happened (kudos to Wicked Chops once again and the video is VERY NSFW!!!).

But, Snake, Addict, and Chops are not all about the T and A (not that there's anything wrong with that) as they've compiled a listing of all the news surrounding the recent arrests of John Lefebvre and Stephen Lawrence. I first saw the news on Bill’s site yesterday morning, but now Pokernews and other outlets have reported that their arrest is for transferring funds to and from online gambling sites.

“This is not good” - Chris Knight

Of course we’ve seen the speculation about the sky falling before, and maybe I’m lucky that my Full Tilt jersey is currently in a plane with a destination of the frozen tundra (note to UPS guy: make a left at the third glacier, watch out for flying penguins). I’ve dumped my cash into Full Tilt and Stars leaving some beer money in Neteller while this news story takes shape. Realistically, not much will happen right away but these news stories can’t be good for those people who were on the fence about depositing and trying out the pixelized version of poker.

We’re back to the day the UIEGA was funneled through the Senate behind shady law-making practices. Everyone will be up in arms for awhile, but possible true blow lies beneath the liquidity of poker funds. Right now transferring and withdrawing those ill-gotten gains is easy and relatively secure, soon players that want to hang around may have to resort to shadier fly-by-night eWallets vs. ones that currently have their funds secured by mom and pop financial institutions like the Royal Bank of Scotland (that’s a little internet sarcasm for our friends across the pond).

I’ll be sticking around as long as I don’t manage to dump off my remaining bankroll to the PLO8 heathens.

Since my recent days at the tables have mirrored Tony Romo’s ability to hold an oblong pigskin upright, I will be “shifting gears” tonight and have set aside $100 to play strictly SnGs for a night, double up or bust is the motto. Thought it would make for a different, strictly poker post for KeepYourPokerFace tonight starting after Wyatt has used up all his excuses to stay up and watch “Hard Hat Harry” again. I must admit that The Village People-reject likeness of title character is a little disconcerting.

Thanks for dropping by, now I’ll take a peek at 2+2 and probably see a 20 page thread in the works about this latest Neteller story… nope its only 11 pages as of 7am CST

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