Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No, That's Not Attractive Ma'am



"I'm 50" (commence crying when she's told no Holly-weird for her and Cookie Monster)

And I'm scarred for life after watching that "Big Bird" on American Idol last night. The slutty blonde could have shown more boob and placed a couple of more jeans rips in strategic places but the nasally singing got her thru, and the boobs.

Any wagers on the winner?

I'd take that lumpy dude from the first audition with the long goatee, Sunshine or Sunray something like that.

Ever get on a hot streak at one site where your Ivey-esque play turns those paper-maiche cards into bricks of gold? At same time, manage to have the seven plagues mentioned in Revelation 15:1 rain down on your cards and watch the swarm of pixelized locusts shredding those precious premium hands even after the money goes in?

I'm very tempted to cash out of Stars once I snag the video iPod from its FPPs store (800 measly points, go go 10 tabling!!) due to my tin foil hat getting crushered each night for the past month, just to make the money back while playing on Full Tilt. But, after much hemming, hawing, whining, and drinking I won't be exiting the online game completely despite our funds becoming about as liquid as your 401 (k) plan at work (see 2+2 for "fees" on getting at your locked Neteller funds as mentioned yesterday). Plus, I'd have to buy a new computer for gaming again after watching the hamsters groan inside of my old PC when I fired up Dark Age of Camelot over the weekend.

I did make a withdrawl from Full Tilt and will report on its journey and success/failure here once the newly minted check is in my paws ready to be spent at Black Bear Casino next month for some live poker action after the annual bowling tournament. Word of advisement to those wishing to remove funds from Full Tilt... minimum amount allowed for a check is $300, far above the usual $50 minimum for Neteller.

Thanks for dropping by, now who ever said Wrestling wasn't a sexy sport... Greco-Roman Herpes anyone? Yuck.

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