Thursday, January 11, 2007

Much Resolute About Nothing

Being a taskmaster and goal setter, I’m looking to fail miserably at the follow things in 2006:

1) Move up to the highest PLO8 tables on Stars: This one is tough, since even the lower limits are riddled with “regulars” and make the games fairly tight. I have been playing more tables, and 25% of the time one step higher, but no where near the $3/$6, $5/$10 game I suck

2) Re-learn to play limit poker: Even though I’d find more pleasure in eating lutefisk naked with Walter Mathieu in an unheated ice fishing house on Lake Vermillion, limit poker is the bread and butter of the poker world despite what’s shown on TV. The big bet games may dry up in the future so learning limit will be critical to those who love this hobby. I’ve been dabbling in the $2/$4 and $3/$6 LO8 games with mild success, while donating in the $3/$6 LHE games. I’d like to move up to $5/$10 by the end of the year. Holy you-suck Batman! There's a Enron sized red ink river flowing in my spreadsheet and its all from limit play. I will pick up the limit game later this year after padding my bankroll a little bit.

3) Win a MTT and/or Bust a Pro at Full Tilt: I like poker trophies, so getting one of those “I Busted _______ “ t-shirts from Full Tilt is definitely on the agenda for 2006. I don't know if they give away the T-shirts any longer, but I did chop up a Riverchasers tourney. Not the "major" win but the money didn't suck either.

4) Read and Re-read Poker Library: I’m about 1/4th of the way through SSII, having read a dozen other books in 2005. I’d like to read more into the psychological side of poker and thru past posts I have several suggestions from fellow bloggers and readers to follow up on. I've put a hold on this this literary jihad on poker books to keep poker fun and prevent re-re-re-reburning out.

5) Play in the 2006 WSOP LO8 tourney: The dear and patient wife has given the green light to play (she never ceases to amaze me) and will be escorting me to the Rio should my bankroll be able to take the hit. I’ve heard of potentially asking people to back me, and I’m sure there would be several kind people to do so. I’ll need to discuss with a few experts before seeking backers. Closest I got to even flying to Vegas for the WSOP was watching the Travel Channel's repeat of "Vegas Do's and Don'ts".

6) Come up with a name for the new spawn: Drizzette has too much of a double penetration porn queen sound to it. Like Wyatt’s name, I’m sure it will become clear before the baby checks in to our world. Kyra Vegas is going to have her daddy wrapped around her finger. The cute ba-ba-ba-ba babble has started and I melted.

7) Get Together With the Minnesota Mafia and Raid Canterbury: Being the least mobile of the group this will depend on the others to pick up my gimpy ass to go check-raise some ice fisherman off his pair and runner-runner flush draw. Maybe steal some poker magazines while there if Chad doesn’t take them all first. I might be driving by springtime (fingers crossed) so I might be able to pick up the city boy for some donkey poker or even make it to a bar poker night downtown.

8) Teach Little Drizz the art of the curve ball: If he chooses to play sports, I’ll be there to teach. The kid has an arm, but has taken to throwing right-handed unfortunately and looks to have the same skill set for a two strikeouts/two walks per inning average that his pappy did while up on the hill.

How about some simple resolutions for 2007?

1) Driving by the springtime: It has been 6 years since I last drove down 494 on the way to work while reading Dilbert in the Star Trib, and laughing at the H.R. cat as he told Dilbert to start squinting instead of receiving new glasses.

2) Balance Poker and Family Life: This one is already going well, as I normally do not play while the kids are up thus daddy doesn't get upset when pleads of playing Hi-Ho-Cherri-o are ignored while their father contemplates a call on a river re-raise. I do lose a wink of sleep sometimes but I love my hobby and its worth missing an hour or two of sleep.

3) Save Enough Money For a Trip: If the poker blogging well doesn't run dry, I'll have the american greenbacks to make a trip this year that I'm already looking forward to. Extra kudos if I can actually plead with the Omatards to let me win once in a while.

4) Read One Book per Month: I've been on a detective novel tear lately with Tami Hoag and John Sandford (suggestions are more then welcome), reading is more enjoyable compared to watching Ghostbusters II on some triple digit channel that I didn't even knew existed in the cable package.

5) WSOP: Its still on my list of one thing to do before I die, and will remain on my list every year. To some its a fore-thought as they play 30+ of the now 55 events. But, for the lower limit grinders its the brass ring that seems to allude my grasp each year. This year has an added incentive as PLO8 is being introduced to the line up and there's finally a game I would feel very comfortable playing against any pro.

Thanks for dropping by, now I hope you all are going to sign up for the Riverchasers kick off event this evening as I plan to have a drink or two this evening to relax and drop some hammers on the way to the final table.

Copied from Herr SoCo himself:

Tournament: 10754917 Tour Kickoff
Thursday January 11th, 2007 9 pm ET
password: riverchasers

Edit: A story that will make you say "what the fuck, eh?" Spy coins? What's next flying death beavers?

Edit to an edit: Due to W's words last night my friend's stay in Iraq has possibly been extended beyond his April homecoming which would have been just in time to hit up the frost-bitten links together. Not happy.

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