Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tugboat Stuck in a Hurricane

Being around two sick kids for over ten days tends to wear on one’s patience. I’m not sure that my inability to make instant pancakes (with chocolate chips of course) to the exact specification that my loving wife wanted caused her to blow up at me but it still happened.

Now, I’m back in the quiet comforts of work with the number (112) in black bold print on my inbox reminding me that I was gone for several days and people who didn’t get last week off would like some letters and punctuation marks thrown in their general direction. Right after I hit up a couple of points…

Bobby Knight, congrats you chair-throwing basketball genius. I can’t help but feel after watching Sportscenter this morning that you looked like your fly was down while the cheers rang out after victory 880. Maybe it was Dick Vitale’s presence with those four dorks behind him, body painted in crimson red that will probably get laid the next the Vikes are listed in a playing capacity for the Super Bowl. But, I think the real reason was… it wasn’t inside Assembly Hall at IU. You still look like a porn slapper giving out ½ off coupons to Subway or Pamela Anderson accepting an acting award. You deserved to have that moment at your real home General.

Vacations are no longer “resting time” when the second child invades your home. No, it’s a time of running around and doing everything besides getting completely different identities and moving to Canada under the alias Jean-Pierre LeFrenc the professional syrup maker. I manage a couple of nice snoozes, but for the most part I played the role of daddy or verbally beaten husband that just tries to stand out of the way. My wife takes on too much and I get the backlash when the dam breaks and the flood of emotion pours out into Lake GetTheFuckOutOfMyWay. Oh, the joys of marriage! Top it off with Wyatt hanging a temp of 103 and the little one expressing her discomfort of three nasty diapers in three hours and there’s little joy in Mudville.

At least the wings were good and thanks to Boise State’s refusal to die and refusal to go into OT #2… I’m $100 richer thanks to hitting my number board! SKOL BLUE (or whatever they call themselves)!

Thanks for dropping by, now I’ll try tomorrow to come up with last year’s resolutions and make up some for this year that I’ll follow for .438 seconds and just go back to watching Deal or No Deal reruns on CNBC.

Also big props to Joe Speaker at the page formerly known as the Obituarium on his new gig at PokerWorks!!!!
Edit: Jeepers... guess a few more congrats are in order... Change100, Amy, and Maudie all join the PokerWorks team!!! Congrats ladies!!!
StB... you played the hand just fine. Good strat, bad call by the idiot.

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