Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yes, That Does Look Good On You

Ok, so my losses haven't totalled the amount that this guy has managed to squirrel away. I'm beginning to think he had Mike Tyson as his financial consultant.

Not too many people have the stamina to lose $100 million+ but Jack Wittaker probably regrets ever buying that Powerball ticket.

I’m trying not to regret learning how to play poker.

These last two nights have been an eye-opener of sorts, losing 25% of one’s bankroll can do that to a person. Make a good read, play accordingly, lose the hand. Play aggressively, get called by a worse hand, lose the hand. Have a good hand, get beat by a better hand. You know, its easy to look around on the web for stories of triumph and winning. But, do seek out someone on the shit end of variance or probably my lowered skill level takes some searching.

“In the long run” “Mathematically correct” “Correct call/raise/fold” Terms you listen to when the board does not favor your hand and try to hold them like that tattered blankey you refused to part with. Terms you’d like to forcefully insert down the throat of the well-wishers, but silently thank them for keeping the faith and are thankful for their kind words. My spreadsheet is 11 rows of red currently. Eleven sessions of losing, half of them full stacks or more, I take responsibility for all of them. I played the hands, I made the decision to risk my money “with the best of it” (or sometimes not-so-much).

Ryan had a great post recently about “tilt” and how the only person you can blame for it is yourself. I’ve learned this lesson awhile ago, being reminded when things aren’t so cheeky is a reason to continue drudging thru the 18 inch deep snow walking uphill both ways while carrying thirty pounds of midget beastiality porn and coming out a better player when variance shines in your direction.

And Mr. Rini managed to publish yet another gem for those in the position I reluctantly find myself at the moment. Here are a few tips for players on a losing streak that I will be trying out myself:

5) Drop down in limits: This might be the bullet I need to bite but I am rolled for the $100 tables to sustain a hit like I’ve taken. Maybe a few days of dropping down and getting in some positive sessions would help me forget that I watched Back to the Future: Part 2 last night. What an awful movie, seeing Lea Thompson with a huge rack was the only the plus.

7) Play fewer tables: Besides moving down one level, starting tonight I will try playing only two tables at a time. This doesn’t seem to be the reason behind my slide; it could help shave some of the variance.

I will probably continue this poker soul searching on Keep Your Poker Face tonight if you enjoy tales of woe. Tomorrow I promise a little sunshine in this space even if the tables continue to laugh at my futile attempts to win.

Thanks for dropping by, now did anyone watch Maria Sharapova’s match this morning? Granted my eyes were mostly glued to those lovely stems appearing below her skirt, but she was realistically two points away from becoming the 2nd number one seeded woman to lose in the opening round at the Australian Open. Guess even the best in the world can have an off day but at least she could smile a little more and show a little more skin.

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