Thursday, January 18, 2007

Protect Me From Me

Thank you Neteller. Thank you U.S. Government. Thank you Bill Frist.

You have just opened the floodgates to teaching the poker playing youth of this country how to launder money and take full advantage of basic economic concepts without attending a three hour lecture hall class three days a week for a semester.

Need chips on PokerStars? NO PROBLEM!! Just forward $50 to my (insert "acceptable eWallet here like PayPal) and I'll transfer over $35 in PokerStars currency!!

Had a bad run at Full Tilt? I feel for you, I do. But don't despair!! Because with $100 deposited in my PayPal account you'll get a bonus $5 in Full Tilt chips for $75!!! WHAT A FUCKIN GREAT DEAL EH?

Yes, the "EH" was intentional for reasons that the blunt skulls in Washington should figure out. I hope Lee Jones and our Irish friends at FullTilt have been cooking up a contingency plan for this occurence because after hearing word of Neteller's complete withdrawl my zest for playing poker went right out the window, despite the possiblity of some VERY easy money from people playing out of their bankrolls.

I found very good read that tied into this newest form of parenting by our elected representatives from Christopher Hitchens this morning titled "A Life of Living Dangerously" in January's edition of Maxim (Lacey Chabert doesn't suck to look at either). Go pick up a copy or maybe they'll have it posted on the Maxim website (which I can't access at work...). Basically its a three page rant about being denied the simple pleasures people took for granted because those things are considered "bad for you".

Like online poker.

Thanks for taking away my hobby (temporarily). Meanwhile, I may need to fire up a new MMORPG and become a zombied addict to obtaining Realm Points, +4 Staffs of OMGZORZ BOOOOM HEADSHOT, and start ignoring my family again. Yeah that was a fun time in my life.

Poker changed that.

Leave my fuckin life alone you self-serving assholes.

Thanks for dropping by, on a lighter note and definitely worth praises:

Jason "Spaceman" Kirk brought the WSOP coverage to Bluff Magazine and announced Dennis Perry as the winner of the WSOP Circuit Event in Tunica taking home $563,402. The man is moving around the country to cover these and WPT events for Bluff, make sure you drop by to say hi to the rabid Predators' fan.

Pauly has announce the final table is set down under at the Aussie Millions and Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke is the chip leader in what should be an exciting final table with a few familiar faces such as Gus Hansen, Andrew Black, and Kristy Gazes. Good luck Doc!!

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