Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Robert Williamson III Ain't No Thang

So he's won a few WSOP bracelets and has more money sitting in a Las Vegas casino lockbox then I'll ever earn in my lifetime (but the company stock is doing great!). I plopped down with the intent of doing nothing more then making fun of American Idol contestants (Black Elvis!!) and playing some relaxing micro tourneys after managing to grind away a small profit this week (think eating at P.F. Chang's versus Wendy's).

The first tourney at Full Tilt was a $5 H.O.R.S.E. affair that ended with a dull whimper of a sick dog with three tables remaining after managing a short stack most of the time.

Doing my usual multi-tabling I pulled up a Limit O8 tourney on Stars and managed to find the one person at the table would could make any four cards beat my any four cards and I went out before Sundance took the stage and got the first seal of approval from Simon (yes he did rock, and why the fuck I'm writing about it?? I HATE YOU CJ!).

Save the Cheerleader? Not so much. But at least Seacrest got a reach-around as the male cheerleader caught him, unfortunately that means he's still alive and my dead pool pick remains among the living.

WOWOWOWOWOW $5 PLO8 tourney at Stars? Sign me up baby!

WOWOWOWOWOW are the players really bad enough to call with 567K rainbow all-in preflop for their whole stack? Yes, they are and I'm stuck watching Topher call his ex-wife a bitch on national television after a straight is made with no low, and Simon once again amazed me with snarky send off. At least he didn't call him a monkey.

Just before my unceremonial exit from the HORSE tourney a message appeared with red lettering in my chat box JOIN LYNETTE CHAN IN THE $24 + $2 POT LIMIT OMAHA TOURNEY WITH A $4,000 GUARANTEE!!!

She's pretty hot, I like Omaha, I had a token laying dormant in my pocket, maybe if I win she'll drop by for some kool-aid and dinosaur chicken bites?

Final table time, prepare for a folding exhibition... not tonight

No, tonight we would not fold into becoming a hundred-aire, eyeing the first prize of $1K in this guarantee that did not reach its intended goal (good thing for overlay, not a good trend for online poker). For once I didn't sit back to enjoy the view as the final table quickly became a crap shoot with M's under 6 even for the chip leaders meant moving in with less-then top hands you'd find spelled out by one of Lou Kreiger's books or Lyle Berman in Super System II.

AK unimproved winning? Nice call sir and thank you for the chips.

An offer of a chop was quickly quashed by the gentleman who would later manage to win a couple of showdowns heads up with me, after being slapped around by my giga-sized online nurse's bust for the most part. After hearing his stats that Ryan looked up from it sounded like he could use the money a lot more then this nickel and dimer. I'll take second with a smile because I played as well as I could, but the showdown cards just didn't favor me. Muy thanks to the rail birds as it was quite late in my part of the world and getting up three hours later actually feels refreshing.

Yes sir, Drizz only sucks at Omaha on days of the week that end with -day

Thanks for dropping by, now I'm going to do a happy dance about poker for once.

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