Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Word Play

Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti is determined to make some use of Ronaldo and isn't worried about the striker's extra weight.

"Ronaldo is not fat," he said. "He is a very robust player.”

Yes, the very robust woman at McDonald’s yesterday barely avoided trampling over my kid because she couldn’t see over the top of her two feet of womanhood protruding from her chest and waistline.

Gotta love a play on words to describe a potential bust in the athletic realm.

I'm sure people have checked out Miami Don's odds for winning the WPBT Player of the Year:

SnG Machine 2/1
Lucko 3/1
Hoyazo 5/1
Drizz 5/1
Double As 5/1
Otis 5/1
Absinthe 5/1
StB 7/1
Byron 7/1

Oof. No pressure. Luckily we're not playing all NLHE tourneys and mixed games are more up my alley as I enjoy other forms of poker much more then Hold Em'. Guess I'll have to start playing more tourneys when the option presents itself. Staying up until 1 or 2 in the a.m. is a decent way to relive the days of Kyra coming home from the hospital, but bad way to audit a 500 page spreadsheet while handling vendor complaints.

A sign that I'm going to hell: R.I.P. Barbaro

I think I'll stay away from horsey wagering for awhile as the negative karma build-up will be massive for picking Barbaro in F-Train's Death Pool.

I'm sure Daddy was watching the re-posting of Berrian's nutrition lecture to a elementary school class:

Bernard: Do any of you know what it takes to make it in the NFL?

Redhead freckle-faced ginger-kid: Four-three forty speed?


Bernard: That always helps, but first you have to lay a foundation—make your body strong. Do any of you know how to do that?

Pretentious kid with overly dramatic delivery: Massive amounts of jumping-jacks?

Bernard: No, I’m talking about diet—the food you put in your body. Before ever game in college I used to eat bacon and syrup, and I brought some with me. Come on everybody let’s eat!

And the crowd goes wild.

Money going on the pork lover's team. Skol Bears!!

Thanks for dropping by, now did anyone catch Jen Leo's announcement about the Wirecard becoming a new nicotine patch for players at Full Tilt. I stress the "patch" part because while it gives players a badly needed form of online poker funds liquidty, but just creating a new payment processor is like placing a bunch of finger sized Cars-themed band-aids on the Exxon Valdez to save the Alaskian wildlife.

Its not solving the issue, like the DayQuil I guzzled this morning.

Edit: Vince Flynn is kicking much ass, thanks for the tip!!! Had to start with Executive Power but I'll find the rest soon enough

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