Monday, January 15, 2007

Six Sigmas of Losing

None will improve your lot If you yourself do not.

-- Bertolt Brecht, 1933


My faults continue to haunt me to this day as I can’t let go of the five buy-in loss over the weekend (which is the most in three years of playing poker for this guy). Some kind of sick six sigma losing streak that I can’t get out of my head. No, I’m not “taking a break” or slowing down or buy a season’s worth of Dr. Phil’s therapeutic daytime show.
pokenum -o8
jh jc tc ah - as 9s 7s kh -- jd th ts
Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 820 enumerated boards containing Ts Jd Th
cards scoop HIwin HIlos HItie LOwin LOlos LOtie EV
Jc Tc Ah Jh 818 818 2 0 0 0 0 0.998
As 9s 7s Kh 2 2 818 0 0 0 0 0.002

When I complain about bad luck, I know its really my own fault for losing, but can’t seem to look behind the curtain and find the reason why. The above hand to me was just bad luck, I don’t know much about math but .002 EV can’t be much of a favorite and you'd probably want that person to stay in the hand with you. Right?

Hell even the Gophers went down this weekend after 21 straight games without a loss. Granted Wisconsin isn’t Holy Cross, but when the rodent’s play mirrored the Mankato games from the previous weekend, any semi-decent team would have a shot at the blanket defense the Gophers have this year. Stinkin Badgers.

On the lines of Six Sigma losing… how the hell did the Pats win that game? I’m still shaking my head at all the opportunistic flags and fumbles that flew at the right times for maximum effect. Pats fans should just nod their heads and look forward to the annual Peyton choke-a-thon next weekend but don’t count their kicker going wide right towards the Atlantic Ocean again on a crucial field goal attempt. Vinatieri has the nerves of a Navy Seal surviving Hell Week and the legs of Pele. Prepare for getting beat by your own creation.

Thanks for dropping by, now check out Pauly's video recap of Day 1A of the Aussie Millions. Make fun of his glasses at your own risk.

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