Thursday, January 25, 2007

Twelve Piece Bucket To Go

You are holding pocket nines on the button at a full table with a limper in early position behind you. If these three people came up and advised on how to play your poker hand during the WSOP Main Event on level nine, and everyone at the table could hear the advice, who's would you follow-through on for maximum pay off when you hit your set?

Think beyond the poker skill level of the person giving the advice.

Your toddler/grade school kid

Your spouse who doesn't play much but understands hand rankings and basic tourney strategy

Your friends from media row who just got done with a meal at the Tilted Kilt, and are on their 16th hour of working while keno crayon chewing

Thanks for dropping by, now Wyatt has been loudly expressing his displeasure about being sick lately (the meds are finally kicking in and the fever is going down) but I wonder if he could kill chickens too with that scream...

Edit: For Al and his need for games while at work... Redneck Shootin!

Edit to the Edit: Iggy has an awesome new site for those into Ultimate Fighting. Go check it out as the blog's sponsor'd fighter will be in the ring tonight.

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