Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Its Like Galaga, Only It Cost More Quarters

To those who multi-table profitably beyond zwei or even drei number of tables... my Loden Hut is tipped in your direction.

I’ll write up tonight about the numbers behind day two of ten tabling the $1/$2 limit games on PokerStars to obtain a higher VIP status at Keep Your Poker Face. Quick synopsis: Not worth the eye strain and the amount of missed bets may outweigh the sheer amount of hands in which you get your opponents paying your superior hands off.

Some people swear by multi-tabling to the point where the game becomes a video poker slot machine vs. a ring game versus people sitting behind an avatar or cute kid picture. Since there’s no rakeback besides the fairly decent VIP program at Stars, at this point I would suggest trying to move up in levels versus attempting this grind of raising/folding/calling solely because Ed Miller told you it’s a good idea. Great author, but books shouldn’t be the bottom line when making poker decisions.

My daughter has decided it is imprudent to sleep during the single digit hours of the evening for the past few nights, because getting mommy and daddy out of bed is much safer. It doesn’t do much for my productivity at work, but it’s definitely trying out my ability to put together two coherent words together in a sentence this morning.

On a related note… which do you think can be accomplished faster?

a) Changing a diaper on a toddler who doesn’t understand the word “no” and loves her new found ability to roll over endlessly. Bonus points for not spilling poo all over.

b) Roping a calf’s legs after lassoing it from a galloping horse. Bonus points if you have ridden a horse more then Whiplash has saddled up on a dog.

Thanks for dropping by, now I’d like to thank the Florida Gators for erasing my horrid NFL weekend and showing the nation that the Big Ten was indeed overrated this year. But I do wonder if the game would have been closer if Teddy Ginn didn’t get gimpy.

I guess that would be like reflecting back on those fours you threw away to two raises only to see two all-ins and quads after the flop.

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