Thursday, January 04, 2007

Those Who Can't Do, Teach

This doesn't help my wrap draws come in, or keep the flocks of groupies away while chanting for more peppermint lotion. (Can I say I hate Moveable Type, can't figure out the pictures or how to set a proper link).

But it was a nice ego boost that someone felt I had a little poker knowledge to share.

And for those who need real entertainment, the latest collection of Truckin' scribes from Dr. Pauly:

Truckin' - January 2007, Vol. 7, Issue 1

Welcome back to the first issue of the new year!

1. Merry Ethan by Paul McGuire When I was done with my public display of urination, The Rooster stood in front of the bar with Ethan Hawke who smoked a cigarette. That's when I yelled out, "Yo Ethan, who's better in the sack? Winona or Uma?"... More

2. By Mennen by Otis I can't remember where I read it, but for some reason I believe that Adolf Hitler was so concerned about potential body odor that he went to extreme measures (I think it was surgery) to alleviate perspiration. Of course, I may be making this all up... More

3. Pulling a Dawn by Dawn Summers She cleaned up the spill with paper towels and soap-soaked sponges and carefully picked up every piece of broken glass. Well, almost every piece. She apparently missed a shard that had slid near the fridge, but her bare heel stepped up to the plate and snatched it right up when Dawn went to get some butter. Dawn said some bad words as she left bloody heel prints from the kitchen to the bathroom... More

4. Reunion by Doog For the first time, Sean noticed the evidence of years' passage on her face the small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, the youthful freshness lost from her skin. She was no longer the perfect girl he remembered from ten years ago, but she was certainly a very beautiful woman... More

5. The Tulsa Incident by Sean A. Donahue I had to alert the authorities, I had to let them know that something shady was going on here, something wasn't right. I slowly started back toward my car, careful not to make any noise as I passed the men's room... More

6. Shadow Boxing by Nick Cantwell We met in a Deli. I'd just finished training.I spilt her coffee as I squeezed my big ass past her table.I bought her another one. She asked me what I did. Punchbag. Boxer I told her... More

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