Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Back to Absolute...

Yep, got suckered in by Absolute again with a mailing and the 15% neteller deal they have. Won on the .50/1 Omaha 8 table, won on a 1/2 LHE table, lost my ass to a monkey on another 1/2 table and ended up down 7BB overall. JJ with a 8 - 6 - 2 flop? He stays in with a.... 2 and caught one on the turn. A7 vs. A3? Flop an ace...... rivered a 3. That is poker though, wish I could have done a reverse suckout but I'm learning more and more to laugh these off and keep getting my money in the middle with the best of it.

After 150 hands, I called it a night to watch my beloved Vikings take on the Colts. The Vikes started out of the gate like a turtle stuck in molasses. C'mon, the #1 offense in the league and Culpepper had 2 pass ATTEMPTS after 1.5 quarters? WTF Tice. Granted they got some talent in the backfield (Smith, Bennett, and injured Moore) but this team is known for the long ball. Having Moss out is hurting more then originally though. I picked the over at 58.5 and with a 14-6 halftime score it wasn't looking pretty. But a late charge and the Vikes tied it up 28-28 late in the fourth assuring me of the win. But a Manning 15 yard run and a Vikes LB trying to imitate our former governor, plus a nifty little left hand shovel pass, got the Colts into field goal range for the win. Maybe next week at Green Bay we'll see the passing game come back to its early season glory. They need it.

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