Thursday, November 18, 2004

Blackjack pays to play!

If I had stopped when I cleared the bonus I'd have an extra $100. It wasn't until Chris H. dropped in on the table I was playing for the OIC (I was up to $86 but slid back down to $68) that I figured out I cleared the $200 bonus at Reef Casino (thanks for the linky Chris!). I went on a pretty good run and made an extra $200 on top of it! Anything to pad the bankroll while I squander more money at the poker tables. $400 in 1.5 hours, I certainly can't complain. Chris slid ahead of me in the OIC, I think he put the casino bonus on his site to distract me while I played 83o hoping to double down. There was one brief highlight of brilliant poker mastery as I smacked someone with the hammer from the SB and took down a small pot. Not so brilliant moment of betting into someone who obviously made their flush. It was fun to play with Chris though.

While on PokerNow! I played a .50/1 table of Omaha hi (caught nothing, got nothing) and a 1/2 LHE table, got sucked in by flopping 4 to a nut flush plus TPTK, but got a kick to the nuts instead by an overpair and not catching. The only highlight there was catching a 4 flush board and holding the ace. Against my better judgement I fired up a $10 SnG and made it to the bubble, tried to steal with ATo and ran into the Hilton Sisters who found their body doubles on the board. You think its a sign not to play SnGs when you're on the bubble and get beat by quads to stop playing SnGs? I think so.

Today its out to dinner with my brother-in-law/best friend for his birthday. Normally this would mean a night of shots, Golden Tee, and staring at chicks. Tonight it will be diapers, crabby kids, and crabbier wives. Its all about getting old I guess, but don't think we're not going to check out the ladies still :D

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