Monday, November 22, 2004

Grublog Classic II

Yes, this humble guy weaved through 31 of 33 rebuy crack heads to take 2nd in the Grublog Classic II (see Grubby's link to the left). I did not rebuy once but since I was high in the chip count I did take the add-on at the end of the rebuy period. It didn't seem real that I had a chance to cash until we hit the final table where I found myself in a decent chip position to steal some monster blinds and apply pressure when I did stay in a hand.

Key hands:

Last hand to the first break: 97o in BB flopped T - 8 - 6, I go all-in hoping a) someone had an overpair b) they didn't care about rebuying if they had TPTK . Person to my left had jacks and I doubled up.

Shortly after rebuys ended A5o in the SB, I tried to steal the BB and got caught with my hand in the cookie jar when he flipped over A8o, but a 5 flopped and I gained quite a few chips.

Knocked out fellow Minnesotan (Malice) when he tried to steal with J9o and I held KQs. On to the final table where there were talks of a deal (I just wanted to cash!!!) but people dropping like that Michael Stranhan Right Guard commercial (luckily Grubby stayed to my right the whole time, I don't think I could have placed very well with his aggressive play) and there was 5 left. I caught some some good cards AA, AQo twice, and AK once and re-raised on a couple of steals when I held junk to take down some blinds and money already in the pot. And it was down to me and jlee621 (sorry my internet acted up while we were chatting about SnGs, thanks for the 2 + 2 tip I'll try it out this week!!). He outchipped me 3 to 1 and me being the worst heads-up player this side of Dennis Rodman, I lost. I had a blast though, and Grubby even tried to sweeten the win with some KEM cards but to no avail.

Thanks again to all the rail birds and well wishers, I had a blast! The chat room was pretty cool, and I think it was AlCantHang's presence that gave me the luck I needed to take 2nd. And with the Showgirls DVD coming to my house I'm sure to have another blast..... did I say that out loud?


This is just a short note for my journal, for a post that got eaten by Blogger on Saturday . Went to Mystic Lake on Saturday, blackjack = bad, slots with cool little games = good. Fun time with Mom.


Diboss said...

Now I know that wanting to make a deal was a bad idea, but I just wanted my buy-in back :-)

PS Thank God we didn't make any stupid deals, I would've gotten less money than I did.

Unknown said...

Those blinds and antes were getting to be insane. If you stole one you basically went from 8th chip position to 3rd.

Even though I placed high, I'm still tentative about playing in tourneys above a $10 buy-in.

Pauly said...


AlCantHang said...

A little late on the congrats :)

And I can't believe you go to Mistake Lake. I was there once.