Friday, November 12, 2004

Getting sea sick

Good god these 6 max tables leave you sea sick. Up and down like a Jenna Jamison feature shot. I managed to claw my way to respectable 5BB win night after being down 30+BB due to some nasty suckouts. But, at least I didn't get overplayed! A couple of hands last night made me wonder what these people were trying to accomplish.

STAGE #55644938: HOLDEM NORMAL $1/$2 [2004-11-12 00:02:55]Seat 2 - YEARNINGYETI $20 in chipsSeat 3 - REKYN1 $20 in chipsSeat 5 - DRIZZTDJ $90 in chipsSeat 7 - MISTERFRESH $63.40 in chipsSeat 8 - ELBORAK $24.75 in chips*** BLIND [dealer 8] ***YEARNINGYETI - small blind sitoutREKYN1 - Post small blind $0.50DRIZZTDJ - Post big blind $1DRIZZTDJ - Pocket [Ad,Ah] MISTERFRESH - Raises $1 to $2ELBORAK - FoldsREKYN1 - FoldsDRIZZTDJ - Raises $1 to $3MISTERFRESH - Raises $1 to $4DRIZZTDJ - Calls $1*** FLOP [6h,Qs,2s] ***DRIZZTDJ - Bets $1MISTERFRESH - Raises $1 to $2DRIZZTDJ - Calls $1*** TURN [6h,Qs,2s,9h] ***DRIZZTDJ - Bets $2MISTERFRESH - Raises $2 to $4DRIZZTDJ - Calls $2*** RIVER [6h,Qs,2s,9h,Kc] ***DRIZZTDJ - ChecksMISTERFRESH - Bets $2DRIZZTDJ - Calls $2*** SHOW DOWN ***MISTERFRESH - Show cards [10c,7d] (Timeout)DRIZZTDJ - Show cards [Ad,Ah] *** RESULT ***Total Pot($24.50) Rake ($1)Board [6h,Qs,2s,9h,Kc]DRIZZTDJ - Total ($23.50) HI:($23.50)One pair, aces [Ad,Ah -P:Ah,P:Ad,B:Kc,B:Qs,B:9h] MISTERFRESH - HI:king high [10c,7d - B:Kc,B:Qs,P:10c,B:9h,P:7d] ELBORAK - Folded on the POCKET CARDS

Yes, capped with T7o and raised on every street, I thought I was beat by KK or QQ or even KQ but T7???

Played a $25NL table last night caught AhQh, flop was 7h Qd 2h. Got all-in vs. AA didn't catch one of my 15 million outs, sucked but with that many outs to the nuts it was worth a try. Made back 1/2 of that stack by moving over to a $25PLO8 game. Won some pots with a weak high and nut low nothing scoop-worthy but enough to make me a winner at the table.

I just crapped out of a tourney with THE HAMMER, flopped two pair, two others pushed with 87o and.... caught an 8 on the turn GRRRRRR. It was a freeroll so go big or go home, which I did.

Today will be hustling around with Wyatt, I hope he's in a good mood, he's been crabby lately and frankly that's not much fun. Plus we have another showing on the house tonight. I hope the house sells, would be nice to have the extra space (not the extra mortgage payment) but if we're going to expand the family with one more rugrat we need it. Being strapped to a price hurts us since we can't lower the price too much on our current house or face only being able to put down a small amount on a new one.

Time for breakfast, eggs and sausage for me and Wyatt. Hope everyone has a good day :)

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