Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Can I have another?

AK vs. AQ, Queen flops and I get out-played for 2 extra BBs. AA vs 88, 33, 99 you guessed it all three hit their sets. KK vs. J2o deuce on the flop, deuce on the turn. Top pair going to river too many times to count only to have a 4 card straight/flush hit the board. QQ vs A2o... called all the way to the river for a runner runner straight.

I did get outplayed a couple of times with their flopped sets and my TPDecentKicker. But other then that it was suckout central last night. The problem is at Absolute the pots are fairly small due to the tighter/better players so making up those lost BBs is tougher since one huge nut flush/straight/boat hand won't make it up. I'm trying to stay positive since 90% of the time I got my money in with the best of it. Gotta work on that 10% though.

I fired up Pacific and took 2nd in a $10 SnG, lost to an inside straight after flopping top two. I tried my luck at Party and was way up on in an Omaha SnG and promptly got sucked out by a player I should have pressed to knock out early in the tournament when I held the 2nd nut boat and he was betting into me. NLHE tourney sucked for me as all I could manage was some blind steals and with 4BBs left losing ATo vs. KK. Better luck next time I guess.

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