Sunday, November 28, 2004

Variance and Attitude

If this becomes the norm I will need to scale back on my poker playing. I found myself getting grumpy and snappy with the wife and even my son. I remember being this way while I played Dark Age of Camelot during my powergaming days (4+ hours a day, often playing late at night). Its a different kind of feeling, I felt when I was addicted to on-line gaming, with poker I feel a different "addiction". There's a wanting to learn more, and become a better overall player, instead of being just result based (attaining a certain online ranking vs. a bigger bankroll). This difference is what keeps me coming back for more.

UB treated me a little nicer in the last two sessions making back 15 BB at $1/$2 vs. that 25BB lost while I tried $2/$4.

I fired up Stars still trying to build that $6.50 I had there two weeks ago. I've doubled it to $13 from an SnG 2nd and placing in a $1 PLO8 multi. I tried another $5 SnG and won! I caught the chip leader bluffing with 52o, took the lead then he pushed again with A2o.... except I had AA :D

I've been about even at PokerNow, tried a little $2/$4 again and won 1.5 BBs after 6 orbits. There's a lot more people playing suited connectors for raises and more steal attempts at this level. I'll proceed with caution. In fact my pokertracker self-rating is a mouse. Maybe I'll need to man up a little and be more aggressive going after the cheese. My big thing is not betting the river when a scare card comes up (3rd flush card, pairing the board, etc...). More then often someone hits it and I'm out 2BBs when they check-raise.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My countdown to Black Bear is T-minus 13 days. I'm still pondering how much I want to give away to Chris H. if he can make it up there ;)

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