Wednesday, November 17, 2004

No poker, no cry


After a long meeting downtown today (which was enjoyable). I laid off firing up poker for the night. I get massive headaches from bright lights which can get so bad I can't remember my own name. I'm sure the fishes at Party were waiting for me to come on give them their money back. Its sad that when we got back from the meeting the other day, I wrote an email to my supervisor and couldn't remember the name in the "To" part of the email. Sigh. The neurologist said I'm "cured" but they don't live in this body and go through some days confuzzled like a drunken barfly at last call. Also WTF was she thinking when she said "you can drive because you can play softball". Sigh, only after my wife mentioned what happens to me when there are bright, blinking lights did she bother to look at my case history. I go to see this doctor once a year, and she was ready to give my license back because some of my dexterity in my limbs come back? This is why I don't like/trust most doctors. She was about to give back my drivers license solely based upon my ability to play softball and not my case history. It was like I was wasting her time just being there (not to mention the 1 hour wait for a 5 minute exam that I only got yearly). GRRRRRRR.

I'll be back tonight watching some WPT (hopefully its not a repeat tonight) and playing more of the OIC (I hope I'm still beating Chris H. to lead the Minnesota players in the challenge :D ). Also continue my quest for the PokerNow! jacket and KEM cards.

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