Friday, November 05, 2004

Professional Pull Tab Player!

After bowling when the little one is taken of by a babysitting my parents are gracious enough to buy all of us (me, sis, bro, and my wife) dinner afterwards. God bless them for being so generous. Sometimes we throw together $5 a piece and play some pull-tabs. We usually don't win but cardboard crack is a good distraction while we wait for our food. Tonight, my sister screamed I WON $100!!!! Nice, a free beer or two since there was 5 of us in, $20 a piece. Then my dad pulled off the top of his last one to find some serial numbers! Hot damn! After further investigation he hits a $100 winner! Ok, now its $40 a piece from a $5 investment. This is like hitting the nut flush and low in PLO8 and the board doesn't pair. Lastly I hit a line but I always save those for when I'm done. My wife of course had to look and she says "Dave, this line is $100". OMFG! But wait... there's another line. A $200 WINNER!!! $25 investment, won $400. I attribute the good karma to cleaning the house today on my day off before the wife came home.

Played a little poker tonight about 1.5 hours on 3 tables of $1/$2 @ Party. At first it was suckout after suckout. Kings.... rivered by an inside straight. Flopped set, rivered by a 62s flush. TPTK about 3 times killed by assorted two pairs and caught trips. I thought the gambling gods were coming back for their money. But a couple of nice sets vs. TPTK and re-raised pots helped me walk away with..... 2BBs. Eh, its not much but being down 30+ BBs in the first 15 minutes was not promising.

If any knows how I can join PokerNow while having a PartyPoker account please email me! It says I can't join, I was hoping to take Grubby up on his offer :(

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