Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sometimes you just gotta say....

What the fuck?

I hadn't played full sessions at the $1/$2 LHE tables at Party until now. OMG these players are BAD. Granted I lost 5BB over an hour on two tables but that didn't dampen my spirits. I called when I had odds/good draw, except a couple of weak calls when I knew I was beat but for the most part played a good game.

This hand made my night tolerable since I was down at this manaic table where 5 people would cap pre-flop with K5o....

I have AQs in EP and limp in since I know it will get raised, and it does with 5 callers. Flop comes out 4 - 7 - J with two of my suit. I called the bet of the BB next to me and it gets raised by MP, two other limpers in LP fold. The turn was an offsuit 5 , this time BB checks, I check looking for a free card to draw for my nut flush but the MP throws out another bet. I put him on AJ, but with the pot certainly being big enough me and the BB call. The river is a glorious T of my suit (finally made a draw tonight after having top two cracked by 47s, TPTK cracked 3 times by rivered two pairs). I check knowing he'll bet, I check-raise him, and he comes right back at me, hmmm.... maybe he was drawing to the flush too. Since I had the nuts I cap it, he calls with..... A4o. A pair of fours. What... the.... fuck... I gave no reason for anyone to believe I would try to buy a pot (I'd only seen 20% of the flops), even so why not just call instead of throwing out 2 more BBs? God bless PartyPoker, this is 10X easier then UB was. I hope I'll be able to make a run at improving my abyssmal $1/$2 stats (.34/BB per hour). I got my money back in Neteller ready for the next bonus whoring situation but I'd like to commit to playing $1/$2 at Party for a while and see if I can become a long-term winner at this new limit for me.

Watched the WPT Commerce last night for a bit. It takes some serious balls to play in those games. Amazing calls, bluffs, and smack talk. I didn't know Antonio "The Magician" was younger then me! God I felt old after hearing his age. God bless him for living out the dream of playing professional poker at such a young age.

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