Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I felt like a space cadet all day yesterday. Couldn't concentrate, couldn't think, and walking straight had become more difficult then making an over the should catch in center field. This added up to a quick night of coming home, playing with Wyatt, a quarter of Monday Night Football, and sleep.


I also did not want to induce any winner's tilt, which I have done in the past to the tune of my entire win at a PacificPoker multi. I might hop on PokerNow for a little $1/$2 multi-tabling, but more then likely will approach the OIC and try to get to the $1/$2 level so I can qualify for that freeroll they're talking about.

Saw the news report about the deer hunter from MN that shot and killed 6 people because he didn't want to get down. WTF. Melees going on during basketball games, hunters shooting their own, too much violence going on lately. Luckily at home the biggest violence I'm subjected to is Wyatt jumping on top on me while I take a nap on the floor.

Sixteen days till I turn 30, sigh. At least I have the Black Bear trip to look forward to in Nineteen days. Hot tub, too much to drink, and poker. Ah, heaven on an indian reservation.

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