Monday, November 08, 2004

Ride the waves

My first week of playing $1/$2 have been that of riding very low only to catch a nice pot or two before closing up shop for the night. It would be nice to catch a nut flush/boat earlier in the night so I don't feel like I'm playing catch-up for the rest of the night.

In the morning I played for 2 hours ended up -3.5 BB on two tables. I got a little tilty after my top two got runner-runner flushed and two hands later my flopped trips got.... runner-runner flushed. Sigh.

But, I fired up the computer for a quick evening session and caught AsQs in MP and lo and behold its family pot time! 7 people see a pre-flop raise. Two beautiful spades on the flop gave me more then enough odds to draw out for my nut flush. 5 people stayed in for the turn and a 3 spade!!! A bet from the BB, call from UTG, a raise from UTG + 1, and of course a re-raise from me (slow play? maybe, but not after this mornings suckouts) BB calls my re-raise as does the UTG + 1. The river paired the board, and I felt like throwing my monitor to Canada, but... the BB checked and UTG + 1 checked, set up for a check-raise? Being the chicken-little I am I checked it down and BB turns over 99 for two pair (WTF??), UTG + 1 had KsJs, and I take down a 18BB pot!! YEAH!

I took my little profit and stuffed it into a $11 SnG (I know, I know) but I played Omaha hi/low which I've been consistantly ITM. And I won!! At 1 hour 45 minutes it had to be the longest SnG I've ever played. Mostly decent players, only one manaical jerk-off who spammed chat and finished 10th. But being down to T600 and beating the chip leader who had T6000+ most of the time rocked!

I also checked out Stars with my remaining $7.50 and played in a $5SnG PL Omaha. Its amazing how many people are out so quickly in these games. I finished 3rd mostly from folding like the Cardinals in the World Series (sorry Cards fans). I might go back and try again since I now have 2 $5 SnG buy-ins and try to make that little $7.50 into something like steak dinner or something.

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Heafy said...

Got to love when the T600 underdog gets up over the T6000 bully. I've seen it happen a few times, been lucky enough to do it myself once or twice, and more often than not it is because the big stack is either too weak and folds you back into contentino or they are too agressive and push all-in with Qx. Nice job.