Tuesday, November 16, 2004

OIC and Pursuit of KEM cards

Thanks to Chris Halverson for reporting on the OIC @ The Gaming Club, I decided to toss my $50 in for the freeroll. The object is to turn $50 into $2000 (we'd all hate that now wouldn't we) and there's a set a bankroll rules you need to abide by. When you hit a certain money level you much leave that table to move up to the next limit and if you drop 25BB then you move down to the previous level. For a risk-free $50 hey why not? There's no playing NL towards the bankroll, which is fine with me since I prefer limit games (and an occasional PL game). Like Chris (see link in my favorite links on the left) I'll post my standings once I get home today. Yesterday started off great though. I was up to $75 already thanks to a couple of semi-bluffs and none of my big pairs getting cracked. I did lose a hand or two later in the night and finished at ~$70.

While playing some $25PLHE, I caught 99,QQ (twice), JJ (twice) in 75 minutes. All held up and I finished my first PL session in a month up $30 wOOOt! It seems that some people will call off their stack with Ace + rag and an ace doesn't hit the flop. But my best hand of the night didn't get any action. With 99 in EP I limped in with 5 callers. Flopped 9 - 3 - 3. I checked hoping someone would bet their 3, no one bet after the turn nor after my $3 river bet. Sigh. I also made a nice 19BB profit off of a $1/$2 LHE game when the deck hit me in the face. AA twice, held up, 95s in the big blind flopped two pair, QJo flopped two pair to beat AQ (been on the wrong side of that). Didn't make any flush draws, in fact I can't remember the last time I hit a flush, its been awhile.

I stopped to watch the Cowboys/Eagles game. I can imagine the dancing AlCantHang must have doing watching T.O. skate his team's way to victory. I'm sure everyone at that bar will need a Total Recall type memory eraser after viewing Al's dancing while watching the Eagles smackdown Jerry Jones' po' boys. Thankfully I'm holed up in Minnesota where there's still no snow plows on the roads and my leg isn't encased in ice if I leave it outside of my comforter. I'm not looking forward to winter.

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