Thursday, November 11, 2004

Limit you say?

Ok I went back to Absolute again tonight to take some more punishment, and that's what I got to start out. Back - to - back two outers on the river. At least I didn't get out-played tonight, I laid down hands when I knew I was beat, played some suited connectors in the 6 max games and hit a couple. I believe I ended up 10BB after clearing another 150 hands. As I was about to close out the site I check on the tourneys going on and see a Omaha hi/low $10 multi in 5 minutes. Its only 9:00, and there's only 25 people in tourney should be quick right? WRONG! After the first hand I realize that its LIMIT Omaha, not Pot Limit. Sigh. But, determined not to throw money away at tourneys anymore I buckle in for the long haul. First break comes and I've got an average stack thanks for a nice nut wheel scoop, even had the nut flush draw to boot.

During the first break I fire up Party for some $1/$2 LHE fun. Started off with a second best kicker AQ vs. AK, but then 3 hands in a row I hit a nut flush, top set, and top set with a flush draw betting into me and both he hits the flush and I fill up. About damn time I say! A third person stayed in the hand with.... second pair and a 9 kicker. If you're going to cap on two streets chances are the two people betting have more then one pair. God bless PartyPoker. Cashed out of my two tables there 13BBs up!

Fast forward to midnight and we're finally down to 2 people in the Omaha tournament and I made the mistake of leaving the other guy T500 where I could have put him all-in on the river. I have over T44500 chips after a lucky scoop but could have ended it right there and didn't. You know happens next..... I lose the next 7 hands in a row and he walks away the winner. $72 profit was damn nice but I had it wrapped up, too bad I was too fuckin tired to think. I don't know why I fare better at Omaha hi/low then Hold Em' (patience?) but its clear from the results of many SnGs and a couple of Multis that I'm a much better Omaha tourney player then Hold Em'

I hope the work day goes by fast cause 4 hours of sleep is killing me at the moment. I feel like I'm back in my online gaming days at Dark Age of Camelot. Maybe Wyatt will be nice and let daddy take a nap when I get home.... I doubt my wife will let me though.

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